KRD is a boutique insurance brokerage and insurance consulting firm that puts you and your company first always and is dedicated to you for exceptional service:

KRD is your advocate, your subject matter experts and your passionate champions. We don’t eliminate services or commoditize placement or insurance agency services and the objective of our top line is absolutely secondary to achieving your insurance contractual needs.

That’s how we measure “crushing it!”

.     At KRD, unlike our competition, we don’t just “accept” insurance contracts offered by the insurance companies, we put a discerning eye and multiple eyes on them so that you and your company can have Peace of Mind long before the fire, flood, windstorm, robbery, or fortuitous claim(s),and lawsuits come in…or hopefully never come in. (and with over 10,000 policy audits completed, we have the background companies demand in their insurance professionals).

KRD Risk Management & Insurance Consulting is the collaborative, consultative and integrity driven insurance intermediary that you’ve been searching for and demanding.

Knowledge is Power and with thousands of hours of insurance experience and risk management expertise at your disposal, your company and its stakeholders will absolutely benefit.

Keith Doan, FCIP, RF (President and CEO)


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